You have embarked on a romantic journey that began with your engagement and continues now with the planning of a day you have dreamed of… and a day you will never forget.

Will you leave your biggest of days in the hands of amateurs? Or will you, like thousands of other brides and grooms, trust a company that has done thousands of weddings.

Will you trust part-timers? Or will you choose an organization with people who’s life’s work and livelihood is dedicated to happy brides and grooms.

We offer the latter, and hope you choose the same.

MCs and DJs


Sophisticated fun! That is how our past clients have described the NYU Entertainment MC’s, who have entertained thousands.

The level of interaction is pre-determined by the host and our party professionals. So, whether you want your MC to act as a conservative party host or an off-the-wall party animal, creating your dreams is our first priority.

Here is what you can expect from every NYU Entertainment MC:

•  Polished, good looking and clean cut
•  Approachable and friendly
•  On time and professionally dressed
•  Seamless interaction with venue and other vendors

Also, with each MC performing at a hundred parties per year, experience is the most important quality and always guaranteed!


You can depend on our group of DJ’s to have the music you and your guests know and love, as they are equipped with the most extensive music libraries in the industry. Since our DJ’s coordinate beforehand, we’re guaranteed to provide all of your favorites as well as some exciting surprises!

Volume too high? Send a request the DJ’s way to adjust volume accordingly on our state-of-the-art sound systems!

Forget to request a song beforehand? Our DJ’s can download music on-site at any venue and have it ready to play in about a minute!

NYU has the confidence, knowledge and experience to handle all types of events from simple parties to extravagant formal functions and everything in between.

Bands & Live Music

NYU Entertainment employs several full-time performance bands.

All of our orchestras are cohesive groups who have been performing events together for many years. This is not your typical bar band or a cheesy cocktail lounge act; this is music you know and love, performed with energy, style and sophistication by dedicated artists!

Our bands give you the best of both worlds; the energy of live talented singers and musicians interacting with your guests.

Musicians for your ceremony:

Have you and your entire bridal party walk down the aisle to beautiful musical arrangements provided by one of our string quartets or brass groups. Other instrumentalists include harpists, pianists, and woodwind ensembles.
Cocktail Hour Bands. Use one of these cocktail hour attractions to set the perfect mood for your guests:

•  Jazz Trio
•  Classic Rock Trio
•  Steel Drum Band
•  String Ensembles
•  Barber Shop Quartet
•  Mariachi Group

Band & DJ Combination

There are two types of band/DJ combos:

A full band and disc jockey working together, seamlessly transitioning from one medium to the other: It is truly the best of both worlds… and more affordable than you might think.
An MC and DJ accompanied by 1 to 4 live musicians–NYU digitally removes instruments from certain recordings so that they can be played live by our musicians along with the DJ, creating a smooth synergy of live and recorded music.


NYU Entertainment employs a team of talented videographers who will document and create a video that you will treasure for a lifetime. Our video crews are specifically trained to capture every moment while not interfering with the flow of the party.

One of the benefits of having your video produced by your entertainment company is that our videographers work with our MC’s and bandleaders on a weekly basis thus making your video a truly collaborative effort between entertainer and shooter.

What to expect from an NYU Video Production:

•  Video coverage of your entire event (we never leave early!)
•  Beautifully edited finished product, including montage and highlight reel
•  Extra complimentary copies of your video
•  Low lighting, digital cameras
•  Hi-Definition shoots available upon request
•  Professional packaging.

Plasma TVs and Video Projection Screens

Make your special day larger than life. Our giant projection screens and plasma screen packages include the following:

•  Produce and show a photo montage of the guests of honor.
•  Zap Shots: Take digital pictures of you and your guests throughout the night to show periodically on the screens.
•  Live simulcast: Shoot all the action as it’s happening and see yourself on the big screen!
•  Live video mixing
… and more!

Add a few digital plasma screen TV’s to your party and watch the crowd go wild! The plasmas offer a variety of visual purposes: a montage of guests of honor, live simulcast of the party, guests and dance floor, and also digital photos taken that day and more!

Your party will be larger than life with the addition of a 10-foot giant sreen to go with your plasma TV capabilities. Our giant screen is set-up with zero interference and can be viewed from all areas of the room!

Light Shows & Room Lighting

Light Shows

Illuminate and electrify your room with NYU Entertainment’s light shows!

We have a lighting package to accommodate every budget and need. From our basic light shows that go with the beat of the music, to our intelligent lighting that transforms your room into a nightclub.

Or have the names of the bride and groom in lights with the help of our custom Go-Bo department.

Room Lighting

Any designer will tell you that lighting is everything. Our extensive inventory of LED and wireless LED lighting enables you to transform any banquet room into a setting truly unique to your style.
Uplight certain areas or your entire room to create a warm, inviting atmosphere your guests will love.

On-site light controllers can change and modify the room lighting with the simple push of a button (color changes can be made quickly, slowly or not at all)
Strategically placed pin-spot lighting to make your centerpieces “pop!” and give them that “wow factor”.

Event Planning

NYU Entertainment prides itself as being one of the most trustworthy and knowledgeable companies in the industry. That said, we also know the most reliable and quality vendors in the area to make your occasion spectacular.

Why not have your special day planned through one central agency, NYU Entertainment, eliminating the headaches that come with dealing with several different vendors at once?

Our party specialists will assist you with the entire planning of your event, from soup to nuts, including:

•  Venue selection
•  Caterer
•  Photography
•  Invitations
•  Limousine Services
•  Room décor
•  Party favors & Bridal Gifts
•  Extra entertainment
•  Table decorations & centerpieces
•  Clergy
•  Tents, tables and chairs